Schloss Eggenberg: MacQueens Nessie (Austria: Smoked Beer: 5% ABV)

Visual: Tizer orange coloured, frothy white head that dissipates immediately post pour leaving a carbonated body.

Nose: Whisky wort, barley, vanilla and syrup. Apricot and toffee.

Body: Malt and slight chalk, seems like very watered down blended whisky. Liquorice and toffee.

Finish: Chalky, dry and dusty mixed with bitter and charring. Liquorice again.

Conclusion: On paper this beers got a lot going for it, the list of flavours you get from it sound particularly appetising. The problem is, what it reminds me of most is badly watered down Bells blended whisky.

Worse still this is combined with a rough texture, and when you put it all together its distinctly unimpressive. If you are going to have a beer with whisky like notes, don’t bring them from from one of the all time worst whiskys.

Too fizzy, too bland, altogether too bad.

Background: A smoked red beer made with highland whisky malt (as opposed to the current trend of ageing in whisky casks). Described as a Whisky-Malt lager in the Michael Jackson beer book I first heard about it in, which encouraged me to pick up a few bottles. Drunk at home the night before a cold took me out, which made me unsure about uploading the tasting, however I have had this beer before, with similar responses, so decided that the cold can’t have altered the tasting too much.