Dogfish Head: Festina Peche (USA: Berliner Weisse: 4.5% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy dark lemon meringue colour, frothy bubbles on the pout but it doesn’t last.

Nose: Quite sour, wood touch, but its more acidic touches calls to the smell of cider. Peach is very carefully interwoven with meringue and cream as the sourness subsided. Aniseed and liquorice are momentarily noticeable.

Body: Apples and peaches. Sour but quite dry. White wine and grapes with a lemon sherbet back.

Finish: Cream and strawberries. Pears. Peach. Light drying feel from acidity. White wine, some woodiness. Cinnamon

Conclusion: Refreshingly sharp, a berliner weisse beer of this type needs to walk the razors edge between its sourness and the sweetness of the fruit.

This take from dogfish head is surprisingly creamy and fruity with the sourness as a refreshing back.   Really sparkling in the mouth, and it reminds me why I think of the berliner as the lambic of Germany.

It reminds me of a lemon curd meringue with its sour and crisp sweetness intertwined, though of course in this case peach is the fruit flavour of choice.

Quality craftsmanship for a summer refresher with bite, very nice.

Background: Standard Berliner Weisse beers are very sharp and refreshing like the lambics, a fact I found out when I drank my first ever one of the style without realizing I had a tooth cavity, a pain experience that thankfully did not put me off the style.   Often syrup is added to the beer to offset the sharpness, though this particular take from the early extreme brewers of Dogfish Head is already fruited up to take off the edge.