Brewdog: Tesco’s Finest: America Double IPA (Scotland: IIPA: 9.2% ABV)

Visual: A clear mahogany brown, medium off white bubbled head and slight carbonation.

Nose: Grapefruit, hops and shortbread biscuits. Resin, dry malt and pineapple. Slightly pungent berries and apricot and oddly placed slight jelly.

Body: Massive malt and bitterness, grapefruit hops and a touch of strawberry. Pink grapefruit. Quite creamy. A sweet raspberry jamminess in the middle and blood oranges.

Finish: Grapefruit and hop oils into lasting bitterness and dry hops. A fluffy texture in the mouth. Slight burnt elements. Almonds and resin.

Conclusion: So Tesco try to redeem itself for the Tesco’s Value Lager, and maybe restore its shattered reputation along the way.  So this Hardcore IPAesque beer from Brewdogs is brought out.  First impressions is that it is amazingly similar to the referenced Hardcore IPA, with possibly a bit less obvious hops and a bit more evident resin but it is hard to say.

The main noticeable difference is that the nose seems less obvious, though not to a massive degree.

Since Hardcore IPA came out, it has been bettered by “I Hardcore You”, and this doesn’t take back the title but it is still massive grapefruit and bitter IIPA, and at Tesco prices, a worth substitute for Hardcore, though at a pinch Hardcore does seem the better beer.

Forceful, heavy hops and bitter are still evident, though in different quantities, so this is till one for slow drinking. Well worth stocking up on, if you can put up with Tescos.

Background:   Initially considered to be just another name for Hardcore IPA, James of Brewdog confirmed it to be a slightly different recipe when asked, hence the review concentrating on the differences between the two.  In all honesty, the differences notices are not significant, and could be due to differences in weather, mood and how the bottle was held. Disclaimer: I am not unbiased when it comes to Brewdog beers, though this is offset in this review by my dislike of some of Tesco trading practises so it should even out.