Caledonia: Deuchars: IPA (Scotland: IPA: 4.4% ABV)

Visual: Clear amber/apple juice with a smattering of bubbles that don’t last as a head.

Nose: Syrup, sharp orange. Light hops. Cooked chicken and sour passion fruit. Sweet peach. A decent amount of fruitiness.

Body: Very sweet, passion fruit comes through full bodied, and some hops. Syrupy texture. Honey in big doses. Slight sherbet lemon taste and feel. Toffee.

Finish: Dry hops, growing but not heavy bitterness. More passion fruit and honey.

Conclusion: This does not remind me of an IPA in any way that I recognise them.  Massively sweet syrupy and fruity, it is however a wide-awake call of flavour. It does have some hops, but they are an undercurrent rather than a significant part of the beer.

It’s an enjoyable beer, lively and chirpy. Like the extremely enthusiastic friend who will get on you nerves eventually, but for now is keeping you well enough entertained.

So a decent beer, just ignore its claimed style.

Background: A beer I have drunk a couple of times before, this beer turned up as part of a kind gift of beers from Martin (and thank you again for the gift).  If I remember rightly it’s listed as on of Michael Jackson’s 500 beers to drink.  Amusingly, when I looked post review on rate beer it is listed as a bitter rather than an IPA, which I can’t overly disagree with, however since Deuchars call it an IPA I’ve listed and reviewed it as an IPA.