Wychwood Brewey: January’S ale (England: Bitter: 3.8% ABV)

Visual: Pours cloudy initially then settles to a ruddy amber with a creamy layer of off white head. As the beer is drunk it leaves this layer as a descending ring around the glass.

Nose: Cinnamon and cream, light peanuts and ginger. Quite fresh orange.

Body: Nice heavy set bitter with a creamy texture. Tangerine and lime. Smooth nuttiness. Very solid feel with slight vanilla.

Finish: Dry growing bitter and dry hops. Marmalade. Long lasting gritty bitterness and slight freshness.

Conclusion:  The January Sale this beers namesake “amusingly” refers to is one of my most hated times of year, with packed crowds, fights for over hyped bargains,  and rising tempers, thankfully this beer does better than that.

A solid and slightly sharp pint, with a nice citrus orange touch to it.   Drunk with food its simple but solid nature balances out very well. Its decent punch of flavour is not easily overpowered, but it does not mask the flavours in your meal

Not the most fancy of drinks, it’s very much a social beer with mates, and works well as that. A good background pint, solid but unremarkable. I have to say I wouldn’t so hunting for it, January sale time or no.

Background:  Wychwood have a good reputation with me, as much for running a local punk/metal bar as much as for the quality of their beers.  The beers are solid, but oft unremarkable.  This was drunk as a lunch pint with lasagne which it balanced nicely. If the name didn’t give it away, this is Wychwood January released monthly ale.