Zero Degrees: Pale Ale (England: American Pale Ale: 4.6% ABV)

Visual: Burnished brown with a decent off white bubbled head.

Nose:  Distinct citrus, lemon and lime. Light hops dashed over the citrus base.  Touch of grapefruit intermixed.

Body: Bitter. Lemon and citrus filled, yet chalk textured.  Lots of toffee and rich chocolate at the back.

Finish:  Long lasting fudge and chocolate with bitter and hops mixed in. Ends as pure unsweetened bitter chocolate. Grapefruit and mango.

Conclusion: So I can see how the buzz built up around the Zero Degree Brewery now. (Well buzz about their beer, the location and food was already pretty evident).

Initially I found it unimpressive on the front, but as it winds towards the end rich fudge and chocolate just fills your mouth, almost evaporating into the flavour. Late in the pint subtle grapefruit comes out, giving the impression of a careful mix between American and English pale ales, with impressive results.

It’s not perfect, a tad overly chalky for one, but it crafts together two distinct styles and is well worth a try. Even better its suits the food of the ZD restaurant as well. A beer that starts with traditional styling and builds to craft ale trapping in a quality brewed mix.

Background: I was amused when investigating this beer post tasting when I saw the official description say “similar to an English bitter, but in the style adapted by the craft-brewers of the U.S. West Coast” a description I swear I had not seen before writing the note. As with Zero Gegrees Mango, this was drunk during my first visit to their brewpub restaurant after hearing good mutterings about their beer. Notably, the location was very hospitable, open and friendly which lent a good feel to the evening, and definitely helped me enjoy the beer.  The openly visible brewing equipment at the heart of the restaurant was especially a nice touch.   Thanks To Dylan for his two Photos used in the two Zero Degree tasting notes.