Maui Brewing Company: Coconut Porter (USA: Porter: 5.7% ABV)

(Note: I refuse to use their irregular capitalisation of Coconut Porter on general fucking principle)

Visual: Dark black with slight red tinged edges. Brown caramel head as poured, but it vanishes soon. Quite carbonated.

Nose: Coffee, black cherry and chalk just roll out of the can. Coconut macaroons, milk chocolate. Very smooth but potent.

Body: Bitter, chocolate (oh and yes, bitter chocolate), with roasted nuts. Creamy silk, slightly milky.  Black cherry. Slight coconut. Slightly thinner than expected from the nose. Touch of sour in the underbelly.

Finish: Slightly metallic, charring and orange zest. Liquorice. Coconut again.

Conclusion:  So craft beer in a can eh?  Beer in a can is dicey prospect here in the UK, so we have here a Coconut porter from the USA for sampling pleasure.

Now this impresses right from the start, the chocolate, coffee and coconut aroma from the can is thick.  As the liquid bubbles forth on a pour, the toffee coloured head builds, as does you expectations. So far so good, and you are dying for the first sip.

Now the body does not match this wonder, the front especially is very thin.  However all is not lost, for the thickness and slick nature is held at the back, and builds as you drink, forming a damn decent porter.

Whilst the body is super slick, the finish still has an odd metallic tone that I would swear was psychosomatic from knowing it is a canned beer, if it wasn’t for the fact that the rest of the beer being completely clear of its trace.

Now, I wouldn’t drink this beer straight from the can, and I’m not sure if it’s intended to be, but it does succeed in putting a decent balanced porter out, with wonderful roasted and coconut aroma.  It’s just a pity that all the graceful coffee and chocolate flavour hides at the back of the tongue.  A more balanced set-up and it would be fantastic.

Still it’s convinced me to investigate a few more of these canned ales.

Background: For a while I have heard tales of quality craft beer in cans coming from the USA.  Since beer in the UK tends to be viewed as best in cask, followed by keg, bottle then can, this has always seemed odd to my mind.  It helps not that most canned beer here is very poor quality beer regardless of the container it is in.   However after many debates with fellow beer aficionados on how cask is not always best for all beers, and having tried few samples of the same beer in different formats I decided it would be best to investigate this potential new source of quality beer.   This can is the first such investigation.

Drunk whilst listening to the eleventh doctors theme (I think it’s called “Every Planet, Every Star”) from Doctor Who.