Three Floyds: Jinxproof (USA: Pilsner: 5.1% ABV)

Visual: Highly carbonated beer with an almost weisse beer light yellow body and a banana yoghurt coloured large bubbled froth head.

Nose: light, with wheat touches. Hard banana sweets. Crushed orange peel. Light syrup touches. Slight cinnamon and toffee. Peanuts

Body: Banana syrup, very slick. Medium malt, lemon and orange slight citrus back. Banana skin. Slightly powdery bitter offsets at the back as well. A ginger beer slight spiciness.

Finish: Banana, wheaty yet slick. Slight bitter. Syrup and ginger. Bitter Cashew nuts about half way through. Sour dough near the end.  The bitterness rises as the pint level descends.

Conclusion: So how much can you do with a Pilsner? Let’s see how Three Floyds takes a shot at the style.  Well, it’s not a shake up or break down of the style, but does do the pre existing style very well with mixes from the many different takes that exist.

Nice batch of flavours, with wheat beer style banana, ginger ale spiciness, a sour dough touch that reminds me of Radeberger Pilsner (though thankfully much more subtle) and a cashew nut finish.

It is well made and very drinkable, with slight spice to excite, and the abv and refreshing qualities almost make it sessionable.  The bitterness and sour dough build up over the glass though, and the beer ends just before they would get annoying which seems the only points that would stop it being a good all evening lager.

Not my favourite style I will admit, but a damn drinkable take on it

Background: Three Floyds are a craft brewer in USA with sterling reputation for top quality ales, in part because of its once a year released Dark Lord.  As of such, it along with Hair Of The Dog are two brewers I always keep an eye open for beers from.  Apparently the name Jinx Proof comes from a tattoo parlour in Washington, which explains the slightly odd bottle art. Whilst Pilsner are not the most exciting style to me, I do find they have their place in the beer world and enjoy trying quality versions of the styel