Boggart Brewery: Ruby Tuesday (England: Bitter: 3.8% ABV)

Visual: Clear red brown with a light toffee and white shimmer of a head that leaves a bubbled trail.

Nose: Syrup and ice cream topping. Toffee and caramel.

Body: Quite light, floral.  Watery. Light pineapple, very light fudge. Light treacle syrup.

Finish: Cherries, slick and wet. Toffee. Mouthwash. Floral air again.

Conclusion:   Where the hell did the body go? Nice nose, passable finish, and absolutely nothing in-between.

I’ve often felt a few Boggart beers could do with a thicker texture, but this is the first to lack so completely on the main flavour.  It can manage just about ok if you let it lie on the tongue in just the right place, but it’s far from reliable.

A weak beer I’m afraid.

Background: Boggart have been a mixed bag for me so far, they do interesting takes on beers, but often are far too thin on the body.  However they have been entertained enough for enough beers that I gave this one a try down the tavern.