Brewdog: Hello My Name Is Ingrid (Scotland: IIPA: 8.2% ABV)

Visual: Hazy amber hued orange with a decent off white bubbled head.

Nose: Gooseberries that come in lightly up close, yet are evident up to a significant distance. Lots of malt. Strawberries and pineapple hops. Bitter, yet quite creamy. Fresh sponge cake.

Body: Slightly sour, grapefruit and sour grapes. Decent bitter. Pineapple. Custard styling and strawberry. Very tart.

Finish:  Grapes, bitter hops. Quite dry bitterness. Still sour. Lots of dry malt. Cloudy lemonade and wine hums.

Conclusion: Obviously not satisfied with the sour grapefruit and pineapple taste that hops can bring to a beer, Brewdog have gone and dumped a bunch of cloudberries into this somewhat Hardcore IPA styled beer and really ramped up the fruit.

It’s a tart wee fellow, sparkling on the tongue. More towards the refreshing tartness that explosive excessive sourness and this style works well with the high amount of hops present.

Very evidently another spin on the Hardcore IIPA base rather than being radically different. It does however seem almost like a Berliner Weisse influenced IPA and that’s a pretty cool thing.

Considering how hard this is to find outside Sweden I wouldn’t kill yourself looking for it, but if you see it, well worth a gulp.

Background: As hinted above, this beer is made specifically for the Swedish market, but I managed to get hold of a bottle.  Made with cloudberries (which I have not tasted outside of this beer) being added.  As always I am not completely unbiased when it comes to Brewdog beers.