Art Brew: Monkey IPA (England: IPA: 6.4% ABV)

Visual: lightly bronzed amber with a lightly brown tinged head that leaves soapy sud trails.

Nose: Orange, lime wheat and hop bitterness. Light toffeeness, chocolate malt drinks and a touch of cinnamon. Passion fruit.

Body: Bitterness, slick and syrup textured. Fresh lemon, pineapple. Lots of citrus. Slight custard and syrup sweet.

Finish: Lots of hop bitterness, wheat and popcorn. Pineapple and orange.

Conclusion: IPA’s are wonderful things. There is a huge range of sub styles that fall under the heading, from the early heavy hop and alcohol bombshells, the middle of the road styling of late 90s, to the huge citrus American attacks.  This one plays with the fresh citrus style mentioned before, but rather than tying it to a very fresh and fresh bubbling body, this goes with the thicker texture I’d associate with the English and real ale style and pushes up the lemon freshness.

That thickness makes the hoppiness very sticky, and ties the bitterness long into the finish.  A trick that annoys me heavily when used with imperial stouts but seems to work fantastically with IPAs.

A good pint, refreshing, yet forcibly bitter to the end. Not an uber stylish take on the beer, and not as Artful as the breweries name indicates, but they can still be proud of this IPA as a long lasting mix of IPA styles.

Background: The “spanked” version of this beer was one of the earliest tasting notes I did, so it’s a bit of fun going back and doing the base beer version of it.  Art Brew is a local brewery (well comparatively) and linked to out local watering hole.  The staff of the pub are a great crew which always makes for a better tasting note atmosphere, even if they are piss taking bastards some days (which I mean in a good way) (In case they are reading this, yes I am talking abut the La Chouffe incident(s)).