Mikkeller: Spontanale (Denmark: Lambic Gueuze: 5%ABV)

Visual: Fresh golden, clear and bubbly. Large fresh white bubbling head.

Nose: light grain storehouses. Ground pepper. Fresh yet dry. Brown bread.

Body:  Sharp lemon meringue or possibly lemon curd. Acidic as one would expect. Teabags. Apple juice freshness. Slight sherbety texture. Grapefruit and banana.

Finish: Dry – acid dryness. Slight leather, wholemeal bread and tea aftertaste.  After a moment of discussion agreed that tannins would be a good descriptor. An almost stereotyped English hop aftertaste unexpectedly. Popcorn and white wine.

Conclusion:  Since lambics are pretty much by definition fairly hardcore beers, I do question what the mad experimental brewers can bring to the mix that would not be eclipsed by the insanity of say, cantillon beers.

This beer is both acid refreshing and rough textured back. A lambic with lots of tea influence in the roughness, and a lot of lemon for the refreshing qualities.  Put together it works surprisingly well. One drinker described it as like “tea without milk”. Said person then suggested we added milk stout to compensate. For that they will be rightfully punished.

A good balance of sharpness and flavour. It is very well reigned in considering it comes from one of the extreme brewers, and is nowhere near the cantillon sourness.

So to answer the question of what they can bring to the mix. A reigned in and rounded beer of distinct tea influence. Not bad

Background: I first tried Mikkeller beers when on a holiday in Denmark, it was a monster of a beer and left quite an impression and a wish to try more.  As far as I know, lambic is technically only meant to be made in one area of Belgium, but since I don’t know of any correct name for beers outside that area, I’m happy sticking with the term.  This bottle was shared with my good friend Will who helped with suggestions and confirmation of tasting elements.  Lambics are the beer style I consider hardest for me to describe the flavours I find within, though I am working to try and improve that.