Heather Ales: Fraoch: Heather Ale (Scotland: Traditional Ale: 5% ABV)

Visual: Light clear amber, an off white head of no duration.

Nose: Syrup and pine cones. Slight cooked chicken and mustiness.

Body: Resin, pine and lemongrass.  Solid malt core, Ginger beer. Slight toffee in the undertones. Bitter back.

Finish:  Ground lemon peel and greenery. Ginger beer again. Slight peppermint.

Conclusion: Now it’s well known that I am a sucker for odd and unusual beers. Add to that the fact that so far the Heather Ales ranges has been batting well and we come to this fourth and last of the pack with not a little anticipation.

Unfortunately here is where it falls down. Just a little, more a trip or stumble than a full on fall, but still not good.  This beer just doesn’t quite play right. Strange as its range of flavours are and they are both unusual and intriguing it should be right in the path of the kind of thing I like. However under all the peppermint and ginger the base of the beer just feels slightly mundane, as if they were just glitzy baubles on an otherwise bare tree.

I don’t want to be too harsh, as it’s not bad, but after the fun of the previous beers from the brewery it just seems weak.  Definitely go for the others in the range instead.

Background: Heather Ales do a lot of old traditional styles of beer with what would now be considered unusual ingredients.  This beer pack was a kind gift from Dylan (thanks Dylan). So far the pack has been well received.