Arbor Ales: Inferiority Complex (England: Mild: 3.4% ABV)

Visual: Dark brown, thin frothy layer of beige head.

Nose: Milky chocolate and coffee, slight black cherry sourness and slight brandy cream.

Body: Burnt undertones, chocolate malt middle. Roasted nuts and light chalkiness. Perfume.

Finish: Burnt wood, oak. Slightly bitter. Red wine with sediment. Coffee granules. Long bitterness.

Conclusion: A pretty steadfast beer with a slightly flowery perfumed touch.  Its sets itself on the careful balance of not being too harsh or pushing any rough notes whilst still keeping itself interesting. Combine that with its ABV and that slight perfume refresher and we are looking at a beer with its eye firmly set on the session market.

Guess it could do the job, but I wouldn’t find myself jumping with joy at the opportunity.  It’s got a nice rounded roasted back and fresh finish, decent enough flavour, so I wouldn’t be weeping either.

Does the job, but not special.   Most of the quality comes in the finish.  The light done coffee and chocolate hold sits ground without getting annoying until that refreshing final lilt comes in.  A distinctly classy touch in an otherwise just ok beer.

Background: Arbor Ales can be a bit hit or miss with me, but generally they don’t tend to do terribly.  This one was tried in a fine local tavern with music and good company.  Mild ales tend not to be my favourite I will admit.