Moor: Fusion (2010) (England: Old Ale: 8% ABV)

Visual: Black with a creamy beige head.

Nose: Mocha. Bitter, yet quite fresh – pear drops. Twigs and roasted nuts. Slight apple. Rounded out with light vanilla yogurt. After time distinct coffee comes through.

Body: Vinous character and very slick textured. Grapes. Bitter back. Fruitcake. Light coffee comes through in the centre. Milky chocolate drinks. Quite sour touches. Light apple crumble and light toffee

Finish: Fresh yet matched with dry malt and bitter chocolate. Sour. Cooking apples. Slick almost liquore feel.

Conclusion:  Now I recently tried the Old Freddy Walker which makes up the base of this beer, and it was pretty good, but often its sour elements overpowered its subtleties.

This then smoothes out the excesses that came before it and really give the flavour room to roam.   This really makes the base beer so much more appreciable. The sourness lightens and now is only an interesting influence on the chocolate filled middle.

Where it goes the extra mile is that slight extra freshness and fruitiness that the apply brandy casks bring.  Again this is subtle and not overpowering, but gives that slight smoother and more complex to the beer. A light apple crumble element that makes it deliciously easy to drink.

Still carries a lot of the vinous tendencies that I have come to expect in old ales, so its like drinking a wine porter.

So what are the flaws then, well it does take a while to properly get into gear, but when it gets going you can forgive it that. It doesn’t quite bring enough to the table to enter the world shakers league, but when that’s the worst criticism I can level then its damn good sign that they made the beer good.

Background: This is a beer based on the “Old Freddy Walker” ale but aged in Somerset Cider casks. Old Freddy Walker was I beer I enjoyed, but had several flaws that made it one I would not go for regularly.   According to Moors website, only 700 beers were made foe each of the 2010 and 2009 releases.  This 2010 release was drunk in the first third of 2011. Incidentally their tagline “Drink Moor Beer” gets on my nerves something rotten for a reason I cannot explain.  Drunk whilst listening to Gogol Bordello:  Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher) a song I highly recommend.