De Troch: Chapeau Peche (Belgium:Fruit lambic: 3.5% ABV)

Visual: Light clear gold with a just slightly yellowed bubbled head that is small but resilient. A very still body with nigh imperceptible bubbles.

Nose: Peaches (Yes shocking I know). Cider acidity and slight corresponding apple aroma. Planed wood. Banana. meringue sweetness,

Body:  Fresh sherbet feel. Obvious peach and light fruit acidity. Light syrup texture in the middle. Slight custard sweetness and cheese at the back.

Finish: Apple juice and lemon sherbet. A fresh feeling is left, almost post mouthwash style, but tasty. Light creamy cheese.

Conclusion: Fruit lambics seem to take some of the most challenging of Belgium beer styles and turn it into easily the most approachable.  A nice trick, though if you get a bad one there is something about it that can remind you of those horrid vodka pop drinks. All syrup and no subtlety.

Thankfully this one, whilst it is slightly over syrupy, keeps the acid freshness and light cheese back that keeps if from getting sickly.  The fruit tends towards too sweet, but it just about holds itself together.

I wouldn’t pitch this as a classic of the style but it’s not bad.

Background: That is one ugly bottle. No seriously, that is possibly the most ugly bottle label I have ever seen. Odd considering I have seen other countries’ takes on the labelling and they are considerably more classy.  This just looks cheap and tacky.

One of the beers from Michael Jackson’s 500 beers, though the slightly different abv from that listed on the book makes me think the recipe may have changed a touch since then