Brewdog: Avery Brown Dredge (Scotland: Imperial Pilsner: 7.5%ABV)

Visual: Peach amber with a loose bubbled head.

Nose: Light pineapple, light peach. Quite watery aroma. Vanilla cream and apricot yogurt. Slight strawberry.

Body: Chalky texture, bitter and lime. Roasted hazelnuts at the back. Apricots. Slight golden syrup or treacle. Peach with light cream. Malted chocolate near back. Growling hop tingle.

Finish:  Charring and pineapple mix into a dry chalky bitter back. Treacle.

Conclusion:  Why do I never learn? Even if it’s a sodding pilsner, chilling always fecks your beer up unless your in a heat wave.

So, usual mistakes aside. The nose still comes in a tad watery even when at a more normal temperature, which never bodes well.  Thankfully the body starts letting the flavours roll, with peach, apricot and even cream notes. Unfortunately it matches that with a chalky texture that never seems to work for me in this kind of beer.

Strangely the gritty texture that works so badly in the middle comes into its fore in the bitter finish where it really screws the flavour in.  That kind of thing pretty much sums up the beer. For every cool idea it seems to match it with a slight annoyance.

It’s not bad, it’s full of good ideas, but it’s like they got all the decorations right and forgot the Christmas tree.  Not Brewdogs best then.

Background; The usual disclaimer, I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog. This beer was put together by the three people in the eponymous title. The three are well respected beer journalists from the UK, and seemed to have a whale of time making it.  Drunk whilst listening to the Doom Purgatory OCRemix from