De Dolle: Arabier (Belgium: Belgium Strong Ale: 8% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy bubbled amber gold with a lovely frothy banana skin coloured tinge to the head.

Nose: Light lemon, wheat. Very fresh. Ground lemon and orange peel. Just the slightest cinnamon spice. Overripe banana. Light raspberry touch occasionally.

Body: Very crisp, wheat. Light ripe banana. Nice amount of bitter hops backing. Crushed leaves and passion fruit.

Finish:  Sour lemon and wheat into good bitter hop dryness. Strangely a mead finish style touch runs through the finish

Conclusion:  Respect is due to the waiting staff at the bar we had this, managing to get this beer out without significant loss of fluids.  Maybe they practise it a tad more than me.

A very fresh and wheat flavoured beer with a bit of hop bitterness backing it up.  Very much a refresher, though with more alcohol than you would guess from the flavour.  A lovely subtle aroma which has a careful banana back to it.   The main thing you notice on early sip though is a remarkably gripping hop trail to the end after a much more relaxed main beer.

Not a wide range of flavours, balances well though; this was drunk in the midday sun, and suited that environment well. A lightly flavoured, tasty and easy to drink beer, but hopped so you remember it even when drinking with mates.  Watch the abv though, take your time with it.

Not one that holds for long meditation but a good beer.

Background: De Dolle are a great bunch of brewers who seem to enjoy turning their bottles into anti personnel weapons of beer. Seriously I once opened a bottle to have the froth surge a clean two feet out to hit the wall next to me.  Still enjoy their beer, much as you take a Russian roulette risk opening them. This bottle was opened for me by the bar staff in Diksmuide which saved me that problem and let me enjoy the beer.