Severn Vale: Monumentale (England: Mild: 4.5%ABV)

Visual: Deep chestnut brown to ruby. Only a thin sheen over the top.

Nose: Chestnut. Blackcherry. Red grapes. Slightly vinous. Treacle and milk chocolate.

Body:  Liquorice. Chestnut. Slight charring and sour wine. White grapes. Slight bitter chocolate. Milky drinks.

Finish: Vinous again, grapes, white initially then red as well. Slightly sour. Some malt drink and dry roasted peanuts.

Conclusion: A very vinous mild, which results in a mild that is not mild in flavour or comparatively, in ABV. However despite that the mild character is distinct, it seems like they have taken mild as a mould into which they can pour their new concoction, as opposed to a base which needs to be adhered to.

It works, it works very well, even if it may drop some of the intentions for the mild’s purpose, it works well enough that I don’t mind the oddness of its placing in the beer hierarchy of usage.  Its slight style twisting is playful and considering the abvs that pass for session ales these days I guess you could fit it nicely into that style. Me I’m happier with just the one to take my time over and enjoy.

As it pushes the style far from its roots you could argue that it lacks a root purpose, but I find it more to have spread to have many potential purposes as discussed above, and would stand as a standard “pint at the bar” to boot

A lovely wine like mild then with just enough chocolate and roasted to suit it to the ground.

Background: Drunk at the Royal Oak.  On research this was apparently originally intended to be porter, and is listed as such on Rate Beer. However it is now listed as a “Strong Mild” on the tap and the beer definitely has a lot of mild ale characteristics so I am listing it as such.  My ever so considerate friends decided to light up during this tasting note, which helped not a jot.