Dalmore: Cigar Malt (Scottish Highland Single Malt Whisky: No Age Statement: 40% ABV)

Visual: Slightly treacle hazed golden syrup colour. The water noticeably swirls within when added to the whisky.

Viscosity: Slides quickly down the glasses sides in a solid sheet.

Nose: Butterscotch, tobacco pouches in very light touches. Golden syrup and marmalade. Slight menthol and red grapes. Water adds light gingerbread and milk chocolate.

Body: Very sweet up front, yet heavy booming and forceful. Red grapes, blood oranges and sherried spices. Tingling orange crème centres. Light menthol. Water makes smother and sweeter, almost treacle like.

Finish: Milk chocolate. Light menthol and tobacco again. Chocolate mint crème centres. Water makes much more obvious the mint cream and ads a nice shortbread touch.

Conclusion:  Oh yes, Dalmore has yet to let me down. Built as an intended accompaniment to cigars, you can really see where they were going with this one.

Big booming powerful strokes in the body, thicker texture and menthol refreshing style all hint at something designed to hold its own with the strong flavours a cigar would bring.

Bit of a pity I don’t smoke then.

While it occasionally hints at a tobacco aroma itself, the butterscotch is much more the main element it brings to the fore, which complements the standard Dalmore marmalade and chocolate nicely.

A huge robust take on the Dalmore style, taking everything and adding a punch to it. It feels like it has much more abv than it actually does, not in alcohol burn as the spirit is very smooth, but in thickness and grip to the flavour.

A lovely mix of Dalmore refined style and forceful spirit.

Background: After finding a hotel bar that boasted over 300 premium spirits I ended up running around trying to get a notepad and pen since I didn’t have my usual kit with me.  Thanks to Martin who helped with the photos for the drinks.  Cigar Malt is also known as Grand Reserva according to the Michael Jackson Malt Whisky Companion and is a mix of between  ten to twenty-year-old whisky (or so that same tome says)