Bavik: Ezel Wit (Belgium: Belgian Wit: 5.8% ABV)

Visual: Light but cloudy, like a mix between lemon and grapefruit juice. Half an inch of white head.

Nose: Slightly musty, lemon curd. Carrot (maybe I’m being influenced by the picture) Meringue. Fresh apples. Ok definitely carrots.

Body:  Fresh. Apples, carrots, light coriander. Quite smooth texture with a touch of wheat and hops at the back Cooked potato skins. Citrus. Slight cream. Slightly vinous on front of tongue.

Finish: Carrots again. Dry potatoes. Wheat grain and lime.

Conclusion: A nicely balanced witbbier. Its got all the citrus style, but with a subtle fruit and veg influence that grounds it well. (though I’m still not 100% sure that those carrot tastes aren’t psychosomatic).

It all makes for a sturdy base wit, its grounded nature may not win awards from me, but it definitely puts it above a lot of the overly sweet and simple takes that come from more mainstream breweries.

Feels like a beer to go with a solid wholemeal sandwich, maybe a BLT, or a salad. It’s just that kind of beer. Not fancy but complements well the rustic food stuff.

Background: This beer seems to have gone through several versions, with the earlier version being a couple of percent higher in ABV. Best I can tell the donkey imagery seems to be linked to a local town in which it’s brewed though I couldn’t tell you more than that.