Port Brewing: Wipeout IPA (USA: IPA: 7% ABV

Visual:Pale and light clear peach skin. A firm ice cream looking large frothy head that has a slight amber hue.

Nose: Lots of pineapple, peaches and grapefruit. Light hoppiness. Wheaty. Slight condensed cream.

Body: Hops and good bitterness. Wheat, apricot and cream. Pineapple, custard and peaches.

Finish: Solidly bitter and hopped. Apricot. The bitterness really grows over time here. Plums, oddly enough. Quite tongue drying.

Conclusion: This is so very nice. A sunset IPA, peach and grapefruit laden aspects with sweetening touches of custard and cream. Throw in the bitter hop back and you have yourself the makings of an impressive IPA.

Initially it doesn’t seem like an IPA though. It is so dominated by the fruity and sweet flavours that you can be confused. It’s still delicious, but its not until the finish that the bitterness and hops come through and remind you that’s an IPA in your hands.

Not over the top then, it takes sweetness and bitter and matches them so one slips seamlessly into the other. While the fruitiness is massively evident, it doesn’t play the hugest range of the flavours, but it more that makes up for it with the class with which it makes evident what it has. The peach and apricot flavours in particular dominate.

As said, a sunset IPA, or maybe a midsummer IPA, sweet and refreshing yet plenty bitter.

Not a mental over the top beer, a quality craft ale with knife edge balance. This is one of the all time great IPAs. So yep, I think its good.

Background: Port Brewing are also known for their Lost Abbey range of Belgium Style Ales. This, their more American styled ales, still have a very good reputation. Made with 5 hops, Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, Simcoe and Summit.