Banks: Mild (England: Mild: 3.5% ABV)

Visual: Reddened chestnut with a dust of peanut coloured bubbles. Quite a chunk of small bubbled carbonation.

Nose: Treacle. Black cherry and musty rooms. Chestnuts.

Body:  Slightly tart, hard pastry. Brown bread. Bitter. Some black cherry. Slightly watery. Chocolate maltyness.

Finish: Wet and slightly thin. Licorice as it dries out. Some bitterness.

Conclusion: Mild by name, kinda dull by nature. I’ve been starting to understand milds after trying a few that managed to stand out from the crowds. This on the other hand, doesn’t help the cause.

Slight in all its elements, plus tad watery at times makes it one that doesn’t grab you.  Now it isn’t so bad that it’s going to end up under the “Vile Putrid filth” tag, but if I didn’t pay attention to it, then it would quickly fade into the background.

When the flavours are most evident then it is the roasted nuts and dry licorice that stands out the most. A contribution that can work, but doesn’t do so here.
A mild beer, but more importantly, a weak beer in most ways.