I’ve quite enjoyed my encounters with Nøgne-ø beers, and have been meaning to try more of their products.  Thus it was with interest that I noted a mail shot coming around from R and R saying that James Clay would be the exclusive distributors in the UK for their beers.

Now after reading the announcement I was a slight bit concerned.  As most craft beer fans know, often the most interesting brews are the irregular, seasonal and one off entries that are where the experimentation shines.  I couldn’t help but notice that whilst they were taking over the main line up there was no mention of any of these more rare beers getting a look it, something quite worrying for what would now be the exclusive importer.

So I thought I’d send a message and see what the official word was on this state of affairs.  The news I heard back was promising, confirming that they would be doing seasonal and one off beer. Now of course due to the nature of these one offs, we have no more information at this time. Cost (Nøgne-ø beers are traditionally quite expensive) and how widely available they will be is the big issues, but at least it is the right noises coming out at this point.

Hopefully this will result in wider availability of the Nøgne-ø beers.  It will be interesting to see how this turns out.