Cantillon: 2 year Lambic (Belgium: Unblended Lambic: 5% ABV)

Visual:   Yellowed grain. Thin rim of white bubbles. Slightly hazy and distinctly still body.

Nose:  Tart. Dried apricot. A mix of crumble desserts and lemon. Crab apple. Very dry and sharp, yet still slightly sherbety.

Body:  Surprisingly easy going. Smooth texture and dry oats taste. Tart without being overpowering. Lemon.  Almost woollen if that makes sense. Lemon curd.

Finish: Lemon. Vinegar acidity. Tongue drying. Light green peppers of chilli. Oats again.

Conclusion. Wow. For all Cantillon turn out sharp hardcore beers I was expecting this to kick my teeth out. Instead, whilst it is sharp and acidic in finish, it comes through wondrously smooth. Very fresh, and delicious flavours, still not one for a newcomer to lambics, but very well done.

The lemon sharpness mixes with a flavour that I would call the flavour equivalent of the horse blanket aroma you get with many gauze beers.  This of course makes very little sense as  flavour so I have tried to describe it better in the tasting, with little success I might note.  The dry elements keep it fresh over every sip.

Not a common beer I’m guessing, so try it if you find it, I can’t promise you will love it but you won’t forget it.  Personally I can’t think of a better thirst quencher for a hot day.

Background: Note- the unblended lambic statement for style is a guess. The item is listed as 2 year lambic and describes as the base element of a geuze, so it seems a solid bet.  This would be my first unblended lambic then, and one from the notoriously mouth puckering Cantillon. Brave aren’t I? Drunk at the Great British Beer festival in London 2011.