Bristol Beer Factory: Acer (England: Bitter: 3.8% ABV)

Visual: Golden grain, with a just slightly yellow and toffee hued head.

Nose: Lemon grass, pineapple and orange. Light wheat hops and broken resin chunks. Grapes.

Body: Bubble gum. Bitter. Resin and hops. Slightly dusty. Hop oils and a subtle malt to the back.

Finish: Resinous with a bitter dry hop remain. More bubbles gum and lemon grass again. Touch of lime sweets. Slightly bread like.

Conclusion: So back to the Sorachi Ace hop for which I am insanely biased.  This brings its element very full on, emphasising the lemon grass over the bubble gum but both are very much in presence.

Now it’s interesting seeing the style difference when using this hop.  Compared to the mad freshness of the IPA is Dead version this seems a heavier set beer, with the thick texture that you expect from a real ale style.  Also there is more of the neutral hop oil characteristic backing it up, even if the more elegant sorachi ace flavours are at the forefront.

As always for this hop it is a lovely beer, though without the full punch of IPA is dead.  However while it does not take the crown for foremost showcase of the hop, it does make for a good sessionable ale, which the IID series could never claim to be.

So it’s a good hop usage, not a special celebration beer, but well done and a nice take on the bitter style which can so easily be a boring style when done badly.

Background; Drunk at the Great British Beer Festival. I had been at the BBF Brewery the week before where they mentioned that they did a Socarchi Ace hop beer, this beer that is, and since I saw it at the festival I thought it would be worth giving it a try. I do enjoy the sorachi ace hop, and will generally hunt down beers with it in to try.