Maui Brewing: Mana Wheat (USA: Wheat Ale: 5% ABV)

Visual: Hazy peach colour. Froths up a good chunk of bubbles but settles to small layer of white froth quite quickly.

Nose: Wood and wheat. Slightly musty when cold.  Quite fresh citrus mix as warms. Pineapple and a hint of ginger beer.

Body: Dried apricot, pineapple and wheat. Quiet fizzy.  Tart in the middle with a little ginger like spice.

Finish:  Dry bitterness and wheat. Dry liquorice. Dry cider like touch to the finish in some ways. So, well, dry.

Conclusion: So far Maui seem to be the brewery of fantastic concepts made in average beers.

This, for example, is a great idea. Lots of pineapple to fresh up a dry wheat ale. Nice thought.  Implementation, erm, so so. The pineapple is distinct and for such a dry finish beer the main body has quite the dried apricot sweetness which is done well.

It tastes well enough, a slightly tart middle and a thicker body than you would expect. A nice touch of ginger beer like fire after a while as well. No real wow factor though.

Possibly it doesn’t quite work for me as it is a summer beer aimed for the type of summer you just don’t see in the UK. Still, an ok beer, just no real shout to it.

Background: After having an interesting experience with the last Maui Brewing I tried I was interested to see another of their beers turn up. When I found out it was a wheat beer with pineapple added it sounded just about mad enough to try.  Oddly whilst the can says it is a hefeweisen, it taste more like an American style wheat ale, and ratebeer seems to agree.