Note: As seen in the comments, we have had a representative of Arbor Ales come past who says that the beer in the photo is not in fact Omega. Odd. In that case I have no idea what this beer is. I shall leave this review up as “Possible mystery brew” for now and if I come across the beer again I shall grab a half to compare. If the beer tastes significantly different I shall re review, otherwise I shall note it has been tried and found the same. Thanks to Jon from Arbor ales for the info

Arbor Ales: Ω (Omega) (England: Mild: 5.2% ABV)

Visual: A very dark reddish brown. A thin dash of froth for a head that leaves quite the rim around the glass.

Nose: Dry malt. Slight ash.

Body: Creamy and a touch of bitter. Malt drinks. The bitterness grows, as does the introduction of slight resinous traces. Some sweetness.

Finish: Dry hop bitterness and charring. Hop oils. Quite the hop air.

Conclusion: I have to blame my fellow drinker Will for picking this up. He made quite a satisfied noise on trying his sample, and so trusting him I picked it up sight unseen.

more fool I.

Yeah that’s never a good start to a review is it

It’s a texture really, creamy, resinous, kinda charred.  The texture is actually quite good. If you added some actual flavour in it would be sorted. I know it’s a mild, but this is kinda taking the mickey.

The flavour is bland and done in broad boring strikes. A nice touch of bitter and charring but not much else.

Kinda dull. I was far from disappointed when I reached the end of the glass. Sort of a real ale take on john smiths.

Background: Originally called Festival Mild, this new name, whilst far cooler, gives less hint of what it is.  I was wondering if it was a pun on Alpha acids being the main hop bitterness component but I can’t see any link in flavour that would tie that together. Unusually I had not tried a sampler before ordering this as a fellow drinker had grabbed a pint and made quite a satisfying “mmmm” noise when drinking, which I had taken as recommendation enough. This review took up the last pages of my current notebook.