The Arran Malt: 10 year (Scottish Island Single Malt Whisky: 10 Years: 46% ABV)

Visual: Light barley to grain.

Viscosity: Thick streaks form quickly and in multitude.

Nose: Lemon meringue first with a light alcohol tingle. Grain dust. Cream pots, the type used for coffee. Shredded wheat. Water makes dustier initially then opens to an almost finished coffee sup style.

Body:  Smooth with lime touches. Sweet and syrupy. Big cream influence, or maybe custard doughnuts.  Slight milky chocolate. A touch of water makes silky smooth and much creamier.  Spiced blood orange comes out in a welcome manner.

Finish: Barley and dry oak. Light milk chocolate that grows slowly. Water makes it punch out more. Lime alcohol and chocolate come to the fore.

Conclusion: Always take your time with whisky. It is hard to do sometimes. A 25ml measure is basically a spit in a glass, and a double in a bar can be more expensive that a threesome in a red  light district if you aren’t careful.

Not that I would know from personal experience of course.

But anyway, whisky is a spirit that rewards time taken to let the vapours warm and to get rid of that initial burn that can fill the glass.

Now I’m fairly sure most of the blogs readers already know this, but here and now with the Arran malt it really does come back to the forefront of your mind.  Initial impression is an alcohol burn nose, lime and grain body and oak finish.  Not that impressive

Take your time though. Look again.  Let it settle and it becomes so very creamy with a milk chocolate finish. Silk textured if you add water. It’s pretty much a custard doughnut whisky. The slight burn at the finish makes sure you don’t forget and think you are playing in Krispy Kreme territory here though.

Good texture. Not the greatest flavour range but heck of a grip for what it does deliver. Manages to do the cream texture and taste without getting sickly. So a good ten year, that may just need a bit longer in the barrel to get some more complexity to go with the texture.  I may just be saying that as I know I have a bottle of the 14 year awaiting me. Should be interesting to see how it goes.

Background:  I picked up this mini as I know I’ve got a bottle of the 14 year waiting for me whenever I visit the family back ooop north.  So I thought it may be worth seeing the baseline of the spirit first to get an idea of how it grows.  The Arran distillery is quiet a new one, a moment of research tells me it has only been open since 1995. Which means I’m older that the bloody distillery. Then again if the distillery was a person it couldn’t legally drink yet.