Wurzburger Hofbrau: Julius Echter: Hefe Weissbier Hell (Germany: German Hefeweizen:5.3% ABV)

Visual: Nicely cloudy honeyed lemon haze. Good inch of dense packed bubbles that are just off white.

Nose:  Wheat. Jiff lemon. Possibly a touch of cinnamon and coriander.  Fresh and slightly meringue like. Lemon curd as it heats.

Body: Lemon. Honey. Light crisp wheat. Light bitterness.  Touch of raw carrot. Ice cream floats.

Finish: Slick honey. A slightly warm syrup. Light bitter and a popcorn touch. Still lemon. Malt drinks. Touch of cloves.

Conclusion: It’s all in the texture for a weissbier. This is more evident when you are having the beer on tap than from a bottle. I’ve had the same beer, with just slight difference in the gas used for carbonation, and it ranged from a super smooth beer to fizzy piss.

Bottles, as mentioned, don’t have the same variety, but it’s just as important to get the carbonation and thus the texture right. This beer gets it right so damn well.

It’s very smooth, but with still that wheat grip. The main body has just enough flavour, the finish however soars.  Depending on the moment the remaining flavour after a sip could be distinct honey, lemon or a slight chocolate malt touch hanging around.

Now I’m not saying that the main body’s a slouch. With the smooth hell character and subtle carbonation it is refreshing yet thick and gives you a nice moment before the finish, which quite frankly, is where it is at.

Frankly an impressive beer. Unlike say the Mikkeller “Not Just Another Wit” (Which yes I know is a Belgium wit, but it does for the comparison I need here) it is not pushing the style to the extreme. That means however that it can be enjoyed as a casual drink as well as a one to savour.

I would consider this one of the mainstays of any good summer beer stable.

Background: I’ve been a big fan of the various weissbiers. They were the first slightly unusual beers I tried, and are a big part in starting me on the road to investigating the world of beer.  Wurzburger has been a damn solid brewery from Germany so far.  I always like a chance to break out the weiss glasses as they always seem to make the beers in them look so amazing with how they interact with the light.