Pelforth: Ambree (France: Vienna: 6% ABV)

Visual: Rich honeyed gold. Loose bubbled white head.

Nose: Very malty. Potpourri. Touch of honey. Slight sugar dusting. Slightly musty. Crushed pine cones.

Body: Malt and orange. Liquorice underneath. Quiet fizzy textured with a waxy style coming in after. Some oaken elements mid body. Slight toffee.

Finish: Dry black liquorice. Has an alternate switch between slick and dry. Finally leaves a slightly waxy sheen as it makes its mind up.  A slight bells whisky finish style. Smoke. Builds to a touch of malt chocolate.

Conclusion: I’m not really sold on this, if only because it only seems half there. That isn’t to say it isn’t full flavoured. More reflecting that it is very simply flavoured.

It’s got the base down pat. A fresh aroma, and a slightly waxy body.  That last element is one I see a lot in French beers for some reason.  Good chunk of malt sweetness backing it up. So it has the texture and the sweetness sorted. Then it just goes, well, nowhere.  Its like they decided to sod off from the workplace for lunch after they got the texture sorted.

Still, while slightly boring and inoffensive the beer does have a very pleasant nose. It has odd elements leading to picking stuff up like “Crushed pine cones” in an attempt to describe what I was finding there after giving up on finding anything closer.

So firm of body and weak of flash. Not one I would recommend.

Background: France always seems slightly odd with its beers. Somewhat thick textured and oft slightly waxy.  It’s an interesting stylistic choice.  This particular beer is in a very small 25cl bottle, thus was perfect for when I just wanted a quick drink to tasting note.