Brewdog: Blitz (Scotland: Amber Ale: 2.8% AGBV)

Visual: Reddened toffee. Large head with an overripe banana hue dusted over a crisp white man froth of loose bubbles.

Nose:  Fudge. Pineapple. Lots of citrus hops. Touch of banoffee. Grapefruit. Odd mix of sweet and citrus. Warms to light cherry notes.

Body: Prickly bitter hops. Initially thin if chilled, but with touch of blackcherry behind. Warms well to light custard creams, fudge and a touch of nuts. Smooth malt. Seems thicker when warm as well. Banana.

Finish: Dry hops and growing bitterness. Pineapple. Lots of bitterness actually. Digestive biscuits.

Conclusion:  Ya know, when Brewdog says they are doing a hop bomb they don’t piss about.  This time a low alcohol, high impact beer in the Nanny State style. Though not to quite the same mental extreme.

Initially tried chilled, which really didn’t suit it, it was pretty much pure hop bitterness, though with a fantastic aroma that did not seem to impact the body.  These style of beers seem to not be able to manage lower temperatures, being far too reliant on their strong aromas to work well.  At this point I was drawing very close comparisons with Nanny State, but without the advantage of being able to drink twenty odd without an impact to anything but your bladder.

A bit of time to warm does it good, and at just below room temperate it hits its peak.  The aroma gained lovely banoffee subtleties, and the body gained smooth fudge and malt.  Still not an amazingly thick body. The craft brewing in a USA style seems not to be able to bring good texture at low abv (this I always feel is where traditional real ales have an advantage, they can put a lot more weight texture wise on a lighter beer).

The beer does have a bit of play to it though, nice toffee influence stuck to a built up nanny state or stripped down 5 AM saint style.  This beer really does make me think it should never be chilled, you lose the sweetness, the banana and toffee and a good chunk of the texture.

I love the idea of high flavour low abv, but they are so hard to do well. This is better flavour wise than Nanny State, though since it is a tad more sane it doesn’t grab my love in quite the same way. It has definitely got more play mid body and uses its extra abv well to give it a touch of grip and balancing sweetness.

It’s ok, not shiny, but ok.

Background: One of the prototype beer batch from Brewdog, which includes the recent “Hops Kill Nazis”. Basically a set of four beers and we get to vote on which becomes a new mainstay beer.  I’ve been a sucker for comparatively low abv beers when done well as they are so hard to find. As of such I really wanted this to work well. I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog beers, but I try my best.