Prototype 17 (Scotland: Fruit Beer: 4.9% ABV (Trashy Blond Base)

Visual:  Golden clear and lightly carbonated. The head is bubbly and full, with solid mounds developing within. The head leaves slight bubbled remains around the glass.

Nose:  Passion fruit. Light bitterness. Pineapple and peach. All light fruity flavours but brought to bear with impressive weight.

Body: Nice thick feel. Slight sharpness. Sour grapes. Passion fruit and kiwi. Very subtle raspberry. Slightly vinous. More grapes. Peach melba.

Finish: Thick vinous touch. Bitterness comes in well. Apricot. Maybe a light raspberry influence. Crushed leaves and grapefruit.

Conclusion: Didn’t we already have a prototype 17? Ya know, the lager one? I mean apart from the raspberries and yeast the two beers have nothing in sodding common.  Come on, it’s not like we are running out of numbers to use or anything. We’ve only used up 17 and 27 out of, well pretty much infinity numbers.

Now for this version Trashy Blond is being used as the base, and it is easily recognisable as such. The raspberries dont seem to by heavily present for all their famed inclusion. Now initially this seems a pretty big flaw, but after a while I was actually quite liking it.

The changes seem to just make it thicker and more vinous. Lots of fruity flavour, with just a light dash of raspberries showing up occasionally for a touch of additional colour.   This makes for a pretty good impression considering that Trashy Blond was never my favourite Brewdog beer.

It’s odd, everything that should make it special doesn’t, and everything that should make it normal makes it interesting. It’s a beer with legs and a nice shift in expectations.

It’s a nice blend of fruitiness, almost a bitter peach melba if that makes sense, aimed well at general drinking. Not a showcase beer as you would expect but would make a good mainstay. In fact I would not complain if this took Trashy Blonds place in the line up.

Background: Prototype 17 was originally a 77 lager based beer aged in whisky casks with raspberries and made with Belgium yeast. This is Trashy Blond based, made with Belgium yeast and raspberries. No word on whisky cask ageing so I presume it’s not.  Despite this still has the same name.  Its one of a batch of four prototypes Brewdog put out for feedback (The others are Hops Kill Nazis, Blitz and Scotch Ale) and the most popular may become part of their main range. Usual disclaimer: I am not unbiased on Brewdog beers. Drunk While listening to Ulver: Perdition City