Small Paul’s Brewery: Elder Sarum (England: Golden Ale: 4.7% ABV)

Visual: Grain to gold with loose bubbled head.

Nose: Honey and lemon. Slightly cough sweets like. White grapes.

Body:  Gooseberry/elderberry. Moderate bitterness. Honey. Slight granite. Ginger syrup cake.

Finish: Light toffee and good bitterness. Sour grapes. Dry granite. Slight ginger snaps. Slight tartness. Dust balls.

Conclusion: Its odd having this beer in the midst of a cold snap, it feels very much like a summer brew. Odd as rate beer lists it as an Autumn brew. Which I drank in February. Go figure.

It’s very fresh and has lots of grapes and gooseberry fruit styling. A tart drink balanced by a nice bitter touch.  The finish does go a bit dusty after a while which works against the freshness. A pity as it’s a nice shtick.

As it is it’s a nice mix of freshness and flavour. A few flaws in there, so its not exceptional. Coming as it has though, being a nice fresh beer when I have been drinking far too many stouts, I found it a very nice change and appreciated its quirks.

It’s average on the quality, but different enough to rise above that. Not great but I can’t complain.

I still think it should be a summer beer.

Background: Seen at the “Royal Oak”. I had never heard of the brewery so of course did the sensible thing and ordered a pint.  On investigation it looks like this is a commercial home brewer who sells from a garage in the back of his house. I love small brewers

Addendum: We have had an update from the brewer in the comments. This is actually a summer (well, spring-summer) beer after all. Good choice! Apparently this was from a specifically requested batch that broke its usual season release. All makes sense then. Thanks for the update.