Brewdog: Prototype 17.5 (Scotland: Fruit Beer:  4.1% ABV)

Visual:  Clear amber. Small white dusted head.

Nose: Sour and sharp. Raspberry backed by musty book stores. Gooseberry underneath.

Body: Bitter and smooth. Countering this is tart raspberries and gooseberries. Passion fruit and pineapple. Very slightly thin mid body.

Finish: Gooseberry and a gin air. Raspberry laying low until the end. Smooth passion fruit.

Conclusion:  Yet another prototype bloody variant. Oddly this one smashes away all the elements I had like from the previous trashy Blond based prototype. Thankfully it then replaces it with all new elements which I like.

The previous version had very slight and subtle raspberry influence. This is pretty much all raspberry influence. Less in the flavour than in the tartness creating a great summer refresher. Mid winter. Oops.

What the hell is up with beers doing that this year?

The trashy blond styling only come in late body to the finish. It acts as a rounding off of the flavour. For all Trashy was never one of my favourite beers its influence works really well here, smoothing out the sour tartness with mild bitterness and fruity flavour.

If anything it’s my preferred of the various prototype variants for its balance between the smooth main beer elements and great freshness. A nice quirk on the style and a nice development on the prototype.

Background: Drunk in Brewdog Camden after visiting the Doctor Who Experience.  The burger I had ordered turned up half way through the review and the two complemented each other perfectly.  This is about the third variant of prototype 17 from the raspberry obsessed brewers Brewdog.  As always I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog beers. This was my last tasting note at the bar, but I enjoyed many more of their excellent range of beers throughout the day.  Like the second version of prototype 17 this is a Belgium yeast version of Trashy Blond aged with raspberries. Depending on who you talk to this differs in having more raspberries, more time ageing with the raspberries or both.