De Molen: Ramsgate (GADDS): Fresh Hopped Bohemian (Netherlands: Bohemian Pilsener:6.2% ABV)

Visual: Hazy amber gold with a massive yellowed thick bubbled head that leaves lace. Fizzy main body.

Nose: Tart. Gooseberries and grapefruit. Pineapple. Very fresh. Banana sweets. Apricot.

Body: Custard and grapefruit. Very fresh still. Peaches. Slight hop character behind.

Finish: Hard pineapple sweets and cream. Elderberry. Peaches. Good bitterness and hop character.

Conclusion: Oh yes. Why is this beer style not more prevalent? The few Boihemian Pilseners I’ve had have been delicious.

This one is tart with a fruity aroma, then takes all that and adds bitterness in main body. The bitterness remains until the last moments with a fresh feel yet stable bitterness.  It’s a beer that balances itself between easy drinking, tart thirst quenching and utterly fresh flavour delivering.

The texture is pretty thick. It gives the flavour grip but that and the abv are the only two elements that keep it from the session beer category.  A category it would otherwise be a very good contender for. I would say it’s a disappointment but you can tell its been designed for a different purpose.

While you would not fill a summers day with it’s drinking you could relax in an evening and contemplate the beer with friends. The beer had a whole orchard of fruit flavours and I can image drinking in a grove of fruit laden trees as the sun goes down. Talking with mates as the shadows roll in.

Of course to do that I would not only need to find a grove of fruit bearing trees, but also find enough bottles of this in limeyville to get enough to share. Maybe I could manage to get enough between this and the equally excellent Beersel Lager.

Any which way a fantastic beer.

Background:  I’ve been meaning to do a De Molens beer for a while and this collaboration between them and the comparatively local Ramsgate Brewery seemed the perfect time to do so.  I’ve had a few Ramsgate beers though I’m fairly sure I never reviewed any.  May have to alter that.  Drunk whilst listening to Spektrmodule 07.  The beer was bought from Corks of Cotham, a shop that’s beer selection is going from strength to strength currently.