Sticklegs Brewery: Tendring 100 (England: Bitter: 4% ABV)

Visual: Pale grain to gold. Frothed off white bubbled head. Slightly hazy due to looser than expected sediment. The same incident resulted in some small sediment lumps at the base of the beer.

Nose: Light earthy hop touch. Passion fruit. Slightly acrid sourness. Cooking apples. Some gooseberries.

Body: Dry. Heavily attenuated. Rye bread. More earthy bitter hops. Cooking apples. Slightly acidic.

Finish:  Moderate bitterness and earthy hops. Cooking apple touch. Dry.

Conclusion:  Not the best start. On opening this I was nigh convinced there had been a yeast infection in the beer. The bottle had given out a sharp wisp of sourness that made me distinctly distrust it.  The loose sediment on the pour despite having left it to settle for a few days didn’t help either.

Once in the glass though things seemed a bit more approachable. The sour funk had settled to a sharp dryness that I would associate with some American style wheat ales.  Despite this is still wasn’t doing much to impress me on first sniff or sip. Then again that is an achievement in itself. Takes one heck of a beer to manage to give the impression of yeast infection on opening and yet still not have any unusual elements on sipping.  That unfortunately is not a compliment though.

The beer is dry, almost over attenuated and has a close range of earthy hops. The description states a mix of English and American hops were used but it is hard to find any particular hops stand out characteristics. No real stand out characteristic front, middle or back. Its all pretty monotone earthy bitterness and dryness.

So, erm not the best. I hate to give a bad review to a beer given as a present but there it stands.

Still two more to try from the brewery. I’m sure they will be better

Background: A kind gift from Paul. Many thanks for these beers.  I had not heard of the Sticklegs brewery but always appreciate the chance to get some beers that don’t often leave their home county. Despite the less that positive review I gave the beer I am still happy to have had the chance to try beers from new breweries, and there are still two beers left for the brewery to redeem themselves. Thanks again.