Brewdog: Dogma (2012 Version) (Scotland: Scotch Ale: 7.4%ABV)

Visual: Very dark red with a black cherry touch at places. Caramel froth head that is very bubbly and thick. Low evident carbonation and very small bubbles where it is to be found.

Nose: Treacle. Peach. Lots of malt. Barley. Chocolate.

Body: Smooth. Treacle and honey. Passion fruit. Kiwi. Chocolate. Watermelon.

Finish:  Milky chocolate. Light bitter chocolate at times as well. Melon. Bubblegum., The bitterness grows slowly.

Conclusion:  Not what I expected, either from a dogma beer or a scotch ale. Possibly that’s the point, I never can tell. It is a very smooth and slick beer with thick texture. The main flavour’s the chocolate and honey mix and then you lace a slightly eclectic fresh fruit selection through it.

The flavour is very evident and the texture thick without getting to the sickly point a lot of scotch ales share.  It does feel like more than one beer may take it past the sweet spot of balance so not a beer to session it seems.

The fruity flavours are odd. Watermelon especially seems unusual, but they are put to good use. They are all fresh flavours and push back against the treacle and chocolate. Also I think it shows its extra ingredient better than the old Dogma. The smooth body especially allows the honey to bleed through well.

Overall very enjoyable, smooth and easy to drink. An oddity for a scotch ale I find. It is a tasty mix of sweet, fruity and then into a touch of bitter chocolate for the finish. The finish also integrates better than old dogma where it always seemed slightly out of place.

If this is based on the prototype scotch ale then I am intrigued by what they did to it to improve it so as it does feel significantly better than that did.  I just can’t get past how smooth it feels.

Now it isn’t perfect, it still has some of the scotch ale flaws. The flavour range is not massive, and definitely not a session ale, but overall well done.

A nice scotch ale with good fresh counterbalance.

Background: Hold on wasn’t there already a Dogma beer? Aye. The one they called speedball just to piss everyone off then renamed to Dogma when that got banned.  Well this beer isn’t that beer, it’s a new version with scotch ale as a base, because having a new beer with the same name as an old beer that previously had a different name will never be confusing.  General opinion is this is based on the prototype Scotch Ale which was also made with heather honey.  After drinking this I had a bottle from the last batch of old Dogma, and despite the vast difference in styles I found they had oddly similar hop profile. Maybe they did keep some stuff the same.  By the way I am non unbiased on Brewdog beers. Incidentally is it just me or is that new bottle really ugly?