Brewdog: Paradox: Jura (Scotland: Imperial Stout: 15% ABV)

Visual: Black and nigh opaque. The head froths up nicely with a coffee brown colour, but quickly settles to a bare minimum. Just a ring of bubbles around the edges and a dusting over the middle.

Nose: Roasted nuts. Slight salty rock character. Ready salted crisps. Dry. Sickly toffee.

Body: Full bore. Smoke. Salt. Vanilla. Smooth texture with treacle toffee and sickly chocolate chew sweets.

Finish: Medicinal. Salt. Treacle. Bitter coffee. Raw cocoa. Slight thick alcohol feel, but fiery but viscous. Dry blueberry.

Conclusion: Jura is, for the most part mellow and smooth for an island whisky. Why is it then that any beers aged in its oaken casks always kick like an Islay bred mule?

Seriously, for its heavily salty and slightly medicinal character it brings to the fore you could swear it was from an Islay cask.

Now I will admit that’s more a musing than a conclusion, so let us move on to consider the beer itself. Nearly sickly sweet, the main body is a rich chocolate entity working against the island character. Rather than subtly balance the two it is more two titanic forces clashing and breaking against each other.

Definitely fun, if riding the sugar shock train just a little hard in flavour. Let’s face it when you have toffee, treacle, chocolate and vanilla you get the feeling it’s the kind of beer a burnt out alcohol Willy Wonka would turn out. Which would actually explain a lot about his chocolate factory really…

Unlike the similarly sweet Black Tokyo Horizon this does have the island salt character to at least contrast if not counterbalance the main flavour. It does still boarder on too sickly sweet though.  You do at least get an attempt at balance in the finish though. The dry coffee and salt leaves you parched and does make the sweetness of the next sip refreshing rather than just a continuation.

Overall, quite insane, unbalance and a crude but effective assault on the sense. Its not going to win awards for careful craftsmanship but does get by on sheer power of flavour alone.

Background: that really was a badly focused set of photos wasn’t it? Apologies. I have another bottle in the cupboard so I will try and put up a better one later if I get the chance.  Another in Brewdogs extensive set of whisky aged imperial stouts.  For this one however they have changed the recipe a tad, racking up the abv from a high 10% to an insane 15%.   Jura is a whisky that I quite enjoy and Brewdog as I always mention, are a brewery that I am not unbiased on.