Brewdog: IPA Is Dead: HBC (Scotland: IPA: 6.7% ABV)

Visual: A quite rich amber. Good thick frothy off white head.

Nose: Passion fruit. Fresh and quite resinous. Pineapple. Malt. White grapes. Quite thick feeling aroma. Mango.

Body: Dried apricot. Blood orange. Grapefruit and resin. Moderate hop bitterness. Custard crème centres. Very crystallised fruit sugars sweet.

Finish: Mandarin orange. Fresh and sweet. Quite a clean finish initially but builds a hop character throughout the bottle. Sugared fruit sweets.

Conclusion: Now this is an interesting hop. Very fresh, very sweet and fruity with a lot of orange and apricot leanings in its flavours.  Overall the beer feels very clean. There is a fluffy hop character at the end but the traditional hoppiness isn’t highly present in the beer.

As a hop I’d imagine it would be a good one to use in combination with a hop that could counter the crystalised fruit sugar sweetness that dominates it.  It is very sweet indeed. Admittedly it doesn’t hurt the beer here. In fact it creates a fresh and different experience, but I do feel the novelty could wear off if had solo too often.

So all in all it is a hit. The sweetness actually hides a lot of the malt character of IID and this make it quite the wake up call of a beer. Not a beer I would have a lot of in one session, but one I would return to. A perfect demonstration of a very interesting hops range.

Background: Brewdog’s IPA Is Dead range each use a single hop. The malt profile is the same (per batch any way, last years had a slightly different set than this years) and only the hops used changed. The idea is to let people get a feel for what influence each hop has. So far they have been a fun batch, with the style giving the hops a lot of room to roam. I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog as always.