Brewdog: IPA Is Dead: Galaxy (Scotland: IPA: 6.7% ABV)

Visual: Bronzed amber with a good sized set of loose bubbles that form into a frothy beige head.

Nose:  Grapefruit. Passion fruit. Moderate bitterness. Gherkin. Dried fruit. Maybe mango?

Body: Moderate bitterness. Peach skins. Fresh apricot. Gherkin back. Light strawberry maybe in the undercurrent. Passion fruit. Some almost hidden malt traces.

Finish: Hop bitterness, but smooth.  The bitterness grows easily.  Still a slight gherkin, or maybe a greenery touch.

Conclusion: Hmm, hard one to get a handle on this hop.  Originally it seemed grapefruit fresh but time soothed that to allow other drier fruit flavours to grow out of it. There also comes out an element I can’t quite put a finger on, but I’m calling gherkin for close comparison.  Unlike say the Kernel beer it isn’t an exact match, nor so blatant, but its close enough as a call to here.

Similarly the main body mixes that green touch with peach skin and apricot through into mango and passion fruit. At one point I will admit I wondered if this was a hop used in the Trashy Blond beer as it seems to have similar elements. However a quick search showed that I was way off in that guess.

By comparison the finish seems slightly simple, with primarily the bitterness showing through.  However the huge amount of character to the aroma and body means I’m willing to let that slide. Lots of clinging dry fruit flavour and that aforementioned green touch.

Again the malt base of IID is nigh subsumed by the hop flavour. Also possibly a tad dry for my tastes but still very good and expressive. Seems like it could do with combination to really bring it out though, just to add a finish to the tropical fruit style it has.  Not a shining wonder of a hop solo then but still none too shabby.

Overall a good beer and hop. Not a shining wonder land but don’t let that put you off. It’s interesting, tasty, a learning experience and a good beer. How often can you say that?

Background: An Australian hop. That’s a new one on me.  As always IPA Is Dead is a single hop beer series with the same recipe been used for any beers released in the same batch (usually four per batch) and only the hop varying. I am not unbiased on Brewdog beers but I have been a big fan of their IID range so far and I love the single hop concept in general. I may have been in a particularly bad mood when I reviewed this, but thankfully it did not seem to alter my enjoyment of the beer.