Brewdog: IPA Is Dead: Motueka (Scotland: IPA: 6.7% ABV)

Visual: Clear amber gold. Moderate from in a loose bubbled head. Just off white head and light carbonation.

Nose: Passion fruit at a distance, gooseberry up close. Mango. Light hop character. Pumpkin. Quite dry but fruity.

Body: Good bitterness. Buttery shortbread. Malt and caramel. White grapes. Dried apricot. Elderberry. Smooth. Passion fruit. A nice tart back.

Finish:  Light bitterness and hop character. Grapes. White wine. Shortbread.

Conclusion: The last of the IPA Is Deads from the current set, and a well known to me quality hop. Motueka. Since the hop is an old familiar favourite of mine the interest here for me is more in the implementation than the familiar hop. (unlike the other beers where the discovery of news hops were paramount)

The malt is more present here than in any other IID of this batch.  Motueka, whilst flavoursome, is mellow enough to give its malt counterpart breathing room. The combination of the two give a lovely sweet shortbread element.

The hop brings in wine and grape elements, but the dry passion fruit and mango style dominate. There are tart elderberry and gooseberry counterpoints but they aren’t the main game. The result is a bitter but tart and refreshing citrus mouthful.

This beer really shows the hop to great effect, and the hosp lighter touch works much better with the new IID is dead recipe than any of the other hops did (With the possible exception of the keg only Simcoe which I’ve drunk but not reviewed). A great malt to hop balance that gives great smooth flavour and dry mouth after which leaves you thirsty for more.

The just slightly sharp and tart main body and dry smoothness makes it as refreshing as it it flavoursome. An expressive range of fruit flavour that really shows why New Zealand IPAs are making a splash right now.

So a great expression of the hop, and up there with the Simcoe hop as best of this batch of IID. I really enjoy this beer.

Background: The last of the current IPA is Dead Series, Brewdog’s single hop range.  Motueka is a New Zealand hop I’ve tried single hop a few times and so I saved to last.  I’ve always quite enjoyed it and keep an eye out for it’s use in beers. As always I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog beers. Eagle eyed readers may have noticed that Arbor Ales single hop has a “My favourite” tag but not this. This is a better beer, but the Arbor ale was the beer that introduced me to Motueka so has that nostalgia bonus helping it out.