St Georges Distillery: The English Whisky Company: Chapter 6:Unpeated(English Single Malt Whisky: 3 Years: 46% ABV)

Visual: Light grain colour.

Viscosity: A mix of fast streaks.

Nose:  Light apples. Moderate alcohol. Planed wood. Pear drops. Light sugared crumble. White wine.

Body: Apples. Quite the spark of alcohol, almost metaphorically quicksilver spirit feel. Menthol. Pear. Milk chocolate. Water adds a touch of plums at the back. Also makes sweeter, more apple crumble with custard this time. White grapes.

Finish: Dry, white grapes. Milk chocolate. Really feels the alcohol here.

Conclusion: I’m not much of one for patriotism. The fact that this thing wraps itself around the English flag does little for me but a wry smile and a shake of the head.

However it’s whisky, and new. Two things that do attract my attention, so let’s give this thing a fair shake.

It is evidently young, a touch fiery, but even at this point it is boding well. Fresh and fruity, it has all green fruit for the flavour. Lots of pears and apples, sweet and occasionally grape like. It has that kind of quicksilver nature I first ran into years ago with Canadian Club, which I attribute to its youth.  However the same youth combined with the freshness and raw level of apple fruitiness makes your mouth tingle pleasantly and you feel revitalised in the sipping of its flavour.

A bit of water does help mellow it. I mean it still feels a tad raw but also much less fiery. It is still closer to spirit than whisky in its feel –it hasn’t had long enough to develop that distinctive whisky character, even though at three years it can legally call itself that.

For all its youth and fire I like this whisky. It is raw but lively and it has a very distinctive character to call it’s own. I will be interested to watch it as it matures to see if it enhances this character, or if it loses what makes it fun as it gains the distinctive whisky character.

Worth keeping an eye on.

Background: The first English whisky in over a hundred years they say. I must admit it took me a while to care. We do have access to a perfectly good bunch of whisky distillers just across the border in Scotland and even more a short plane ride away in Ireland. It’s not like there is this huge untapped market thing going on here. I mean come on, calling it the “St Georges Distillery” and going with white and red colour scheme – could you make it a bigger bunch of flag waving horsecrap if you tried? Still, it is whisky, and a chance to watch it grow and mature, and that more than anything else gained my attention. So on a nice relaxing days whisky wandering I gave it a shot over at the Star. Anyone who points out the hypocrisy between my distaste for flag waving patriotism and my blatant Yorkshire bias on beer reviews will be met with a shrug and not much else.