Mikkeller: Beer Geek Brunch Weasel: Cognac Barrel (Denmark: Imperial Stout: 10.9% ABV)

Visual: Jet black, pours thick and slick with a deep chocolate coloured rich head.

Nose: Honey. Oatmeal. Chocolate. Spiced blueberry. Thick treacle. Crystallised orange sweetness. Crumbly chocolate cake. Raisins.

Body: Viscous. Bitter chocolate. Bitter coffee. Very smooth oats. Froths nicely to sweeter chocolate. Marmalade undertones. Raisins and plums.

Finish: Very bitter chocolate. Bitter coffee. Porridge oats. Very potent indeed in the coffee flavour here. Almonds reside here as well and hazelnuts. Light marmalade grows over time.

Conclusion: You know, I have often called for the more potent beers to be available in smaller bottles. The trend towards 660ml/750ml bottles of 10-15% abv beers has been great for sharing, but they just don’t suit all occasions.

This beer comes in a 25cl bottle. Come on! There is a whole excluded middle thing going on here!

The beer, however small its package, is as delicious as ever. The usual Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (BGBW from now on) traits of wonderfully deep chocolate and coffee flavours are on full show. The thick oatmeal texture and dark fruit rising over time are present as well. In fact even more so than Black Hole this is a beer where the cognac influence struggles to make itself felt.

There are some influences though, subtle but present. The aroma especially picks up some spirit touches, and a very light marmalade sweetness as well. In fact there is marmalade touches nigh hidden, but present, throughout. Id say some part of its influence seems to give the dark fruit more play as well.

However it is effectively the BGBW flavours that stand tall. No bad thing, it is a fantastic beer. Everything good I said about that beer still holds true here. The depths it brings to the simple words “chocolate” and “coffee” the range, the thickness, the texture. All here. The bitterness of both coffee and chocolate are resplendent and tongue coating. For all the slick texture the oatmeal seems to give it grip that makes the bitterness last.

However the cognac adds but little, and for all I like to see smaller bottles you can get 660ml of BGBW for 250ml of this. Id say go with standard BGBW. However if you see this and not standard, well it’s still the same beer pretty much, and definitely the same quality, Drink it. It is delicious and still after all this time one of the greatest Imperial Stouts of all time.

That’s a hell of a good beer.

Background: Beer Geek Brunch Weasel was, and still is, one of my favourite Imperial Stouts and in fact beers, ever. It comes in a close second after Good King Henry: Special Reserve (Don’t ask me to pick a third, the Imperial Stout competition is too tight and I just can’t do it). Thus a cognac aged version sounded like just the thing. For those of you looking at the tags and noticing this doesn’t have a “My favourites” entry, it is just because I have already had Beer Geek Brunch Weasel, which has taken the place. This beer is just as good, but not distinct enough to earn a separate place.  Anyway, yes an oatmeal imperial stout made with partially digested coffee beans. I.E. weasel shit.