Jura: Elixir (Scottish Island Single Malt Whisky: 12 Year: 40% ABV)

Visual: Reddened bronze.

Viscosity: very fast thick streaks.

Nose: Thick sulphur style and pungent. Quite eggy. Almonds and marzipan. Sultanas. Smoke. Slight peat. Red wine and fruitcake. Water makes almonds and sulphur the main elements.

Body: Smooth and sweet. Marmalade and ginger. Beef broth. Caramelised fruit. Red wine. Water makes sweeter bringing out custard and red grapes.

Finish: Dried beef slices. Almond and raisins. Malt chocolate. Dry beef crisp dustings. Water adds glacier cherries and slight tar. Also banana oddly.

Conclusion:  Jura, like Caol Ila, seems to be a well placed spirit to survive many different interpretations. From the peated Superstition and Prophecy to this fruity number.

Up front you get a very sulphur and egg dominated aroma in that challenging island way, but even before you push past that to dive in and take a sip you get that light marzipan sweetness edging out to let you know you are in for something a bit different to that.

Thus we are given a hint of what I the mainstay of this whisky. A surprisingly sweet and nuanced Jura, with fruit, marzipan and almonds all backed by the smoke and weight Jura spirit brings. The two merge surprisingly well, and the sweetness and thickness make for an almost liquore like feel at times. A few drops of water does much to enhance this element.

The whisky feels spicy and complex. Again the mix of island style to marzipan and banana create such contrasting views that make the range stand out so much more. An impressive mix of elements that would be easy to make muddled and indistinct.

This is the heavy end of the dessert whisky, it has all the flavour for that style, but never loses its Jura roots or the punch that entails.  That makes it stand out a bit from the crowd. Smooth, heavy sweet and complex, I’d say you could do a hell of a lot worse than this one.

Background: I love little bottles of whisky. they give you chance to try out a wider range that a 70cl commitment does not. Therefore when I saw this 12 year of the always fun Jura range in Sainsbury I thought id give it whirl. I now find out that this bottle is exclusive to Sainsbury. Go figure. Anyway, Jura is a distillery that is always fun and while it does have island character it never brings it in too hard and heavy.