Brewdog: Imperial Pilsner (Scotland: Imperial Pils: 10% ABV)

Visual: Grain gold with a creamy white bubbled head.

Nose: Pineapple and gooseberry. Very sharp.

Body: Sweet. Lemon. Grapefruit and toffee. Honey. Slightly sherbet like. Elderberry.

Finish: Toffee and liquorice. Bitter hops. Still lemon touches. Gooseberry. Malt drinks.

Conclusion: Whew, how big can you make a pilsner? Syrup thick texture with very fresh citrus flavour gripped on. The citrus means it is slightly tart and sharp, but backed by dry hop and liquorice finish.

The finish is a real heavy weight on the palette, the dry liquorice makes anything after seem mild. Definitely a beer to have near the end of a session. Against all the expectations you have for a lager this is heavy duty and the thick texture makes it one for slow sipping.

Flavour wise it’s like they made a citrus IPA easy drinking. Though in that moment twixt the sip and the finish coming in, the flavour goes ratcheted up to a point where it is almost sickly. The citrus and liquorice just leap up and make themselves a solid punch of flavour here.  That element doesn’t quite work, with the liquorice being a bit too strong, but that punch is an important part of the beers progression so I can see why it is there.

Overall a very big beer and very tasty. So thick and heavy that it almost pushes too hard. It is a beer that is almost unrecognisable by standard pilsner expectations.  I would view it similarly to Hardcore NZ, not a beer for all moments and not to be drunk often due to the extreme swings of style, but very enjoyable when you get the moment to explore it.

Background: Drunk at Brewdog Camden during the bloody sodding Queens Jubilee. Thankfully no flags were in evidence so I could enjoy my drinking in peace.  This was part of a small batch brewed that was only available from Brewdog pubs on keg. The bar staff advised saving the beer until later in the session, saying it wasn’t a good one to open up on, but since I wanted to do a review I decided to give it a shot first, before our epic drinking session started.