Saison Dupont: Biologique (Belgium: Saison: 5.5% ABV)

Visual: Hazy gold. Massive froth topped white head.

Nose: Wheat and lemon. Whole meal crackers. Coriander.

Body: Bitter. Lightly spicy. Coriander and turmeric. Lemon. Slightly creamy.

Finish: Coriander, wheat and cloves. Good bitterness. Fresh. Lemon curd. Lightly hoppy.

Conclusion: Saison Dupont, an old favourite of mine. This little bottle of joy doesn’t let down its heritage. Fresh and lemon touched with a wheat style and subtle spices.  Everything you would expect and hope for.

It’s odd that they pick such a small bottle for this as even more so than standard Saison Dupont this could be drunk all day long. It has a slightly lighter abv, and flavour wise it just rolls down easy, and then gives that bitter kick at the end.

It has its own nice little mix of contradictions as well. Creamy textured and to a degree flavoured mid body it never lacks tongue coating style. This is oddly hard to reconcile with the crisp dryness that is present at the very end. This isn’t a criticism. The progress is stylishly done to go from so solid mid body to the sip inducing dryness of the end.

Thankfully there is no loss of flavour that I have seen in some organic beers. The mix of flavours are soothing, with an almost lemon curd flavour touch at the end, which again is a great contradiction to the crisp dryness.

All in all a very carefully made beer to be enjoyed far more than its small size.

Background: Organic beers nigh universally suck. I say this as someone who thinks shopping ethically is a good plan, but most of the organic beers I have tried really suffer in comparison to the non organic competitors.  Dupont beers nigh universally rule.  Seriously they set the bar for exactly what a saison is and should be.  This is an organic Dupont beer,  game fucking on.