Kiuchi: Hitachino Nest: White Ale (Japan: Belgium Wit Beer: 5% ABV)

Visual: Light grain yellow. Slightly hazy. Short lived white head.

Nose: Fresh apple in tartness and slightly new apple sourness. White grapes. Banana candy sweets. As it warms distinct ginger becomes evident.

Body: Apples Fresh. Slight bitterness. Slight banana and cloves. Vanilla. Quite sweet but sharp. Slight ginger warmth.

Finish: Vanilla. Pepper and coriander. Waxy sheen. Ginger beer as it warms.

Conclusion:  Most beers change with chilling, but this one is more reactive than most. Even the slightest temperate changes seems to radically change the profile of the beer. Slightly chilled it is quite tart and slightly thin. It’s refreshing with apple tartness and vanilla tones.

At room temperature it is a livelier bugger. Ginger beer like with slight spicy fire. Less refreshing but more enjoyable aside from that. Even then the fresh and vanilla gives a sweet and slightly sharp backbone that means it hasn’t lost it’s core.

The sweetness is slightly more evident than a lot of the Belgium wits. Very vanilla style mixed with apple tartness.  Kinda mixed messages, the kind of contrast you get from biting on a toffee apple. The vanilla style seems quite similar to the TM 10 saison oddly enough. Its still somewhat refreshing if less so than the chilled diversion, and the ginger beer dryness does make it easy drinking. A nice wee mix.

Definitely a better beer warm,. Chilled is slightly too light, and reminds me of Baldin Isaac. Warm it is heavier and richer. Slightly disjointed but enjoyably so. A bit too much clashing to be in the best of beers but a worthwhile trip for a session drinking. The abv is just a but to high for a  full session beer, but flavour wise it is well set. Guess in a pich you could share a few bottles with mates quite enjoyably.
Background:  Drunk with friends, which gave the advantage of extra opinions on the beer, but also meant that I was distracted with conversation during the review. Hopefully the two cancel out.  I’ve tried quiet a few Hitachino Nest beers recently and they have been pretty good so far, if not quite showing the spark of wild experimentation most of the time.  Still as a fan of craft beer and Japan it’s always nice to give them a look over. Picked up from Brewdog’s guest beer section.