Oakham: Green Devil (England: IPA: 6% ABV)

Visual: Pale grain to yellow, clear with lots of small bubbles. White dash of a head. On later pours head was much larger and a certain cloudiness of body introduced.

Nose: Pineapple, custard and bicuity (So custard cream biscuits then). Fresh but moderate hope presence.

Body: Good bitterness and crushed digestives. Pineapple. Lightly oaken. Toffee sweetness. Slightly resinous and some apricot.

Finish: White grapes and hops. Elderberry. Dry gritty bitterness. Very biscuit filled. Dried apricot. Decent resin feel takes over from the grittiness quite quickly.

Conclusion: For a heavily hopped beer this really doesn’t kick mid body. Very easy drinking. It is a quite resinous beer, and the finish brings the hop kick that seems missing mid body, though never goes into the silly stakes hop wise. In fact the most notable element to me is actually the biscuit that fills the beer, in a very soothing way.

Possibly that says more about how blasé I have become to bitterness, rather than anything about the beer, but anyway, I shall continue.

There is a reasonable call to the American style IPAs (A fact that became easily explained when I found out it is Citra hopped), with lost of citrus and apricot flavours, and a decent weight to the flavour as well. The texture is tad thicker than the average interpretation, and the biscuit base is a treat to layer everything else upon.

The solid nature of the base grounds the beer well, but also seems to hold it back from quite hitting the heights it could. Not a terrible thing as the grounding makes it easier to drink in the sizable bottles it comes in, but all the elements that make it so easily drinkable also seem to cap the heights it can reach.

Minor points though. That slight toffee sweetness and great citrus fruit make a great one two punch. Across the whole pint and a bit you get in a bottle it kept my interest and never became too heavy. Very well crafted and very solid enjoyable beer.

Background: Single hopped with Citra, a hop with a massive reputation. Oddly while I enjoy Citra beers, I don’t go quite as nuts for it as most people seem to.  Still I never complain to see in included. Oakham are a great brewery but until recently their bottled line didn’t show anywhere near the skill they could bring to the cask line. With the recently released new bottle lines I’m hoping some of their finer beers become more easily available.