Kiuchi: Hitachino Nest: Lacto Sweet Stout (Japan: Sweet Stout: 4.5% abv)

Visual: Black. Froths up nicely into a nicotine stained style brown head.

Nose: Lactose. Milky coffee. Light roasted coffee beans. Touch of smoke and some nuts. Cloying milk chocolate.

Body: Sweet sugared milk. Malt chocolate. Egg yolk. Milk chocolate as well. Slightly fizzy tingle.

Finish: Milk chocolate. Cadburys cream egg centres.

Conclusion: Did some break a few Cadburys cream eggs into a beer or something? For that matter how would that even work?  Despite the aroma’s hints at coffee this is predominantly a sweet and slick chocolate stout, with of course, a heavy milky lactose influence which is what led to the cream egg comparisons.

It is easy going flavour wise. There is distinct character to each element, if not a particularly wide range of flavours. Pleasant, quite sweet indeed and easy to drink.  While there isn’t much of an edge to it there are some roasted nuts to keep the lactose in balance. In general it works more by carefully balancing the intensity of flavour rather than by using contrasting flavours to keep the balance.

The lactose cloying sweetness is very evident, but without getting too souring. It keeps to the simple formulae of the beer working at the sweet end of the scale.  Overall while not great it is a simple bit of fun.

It keeps a smooth texture, slight fizz and carefully weighted flavour to bring is this none too intense stout that can be drunk happily for a while.

Background: Picked up from Brewdog’s guest beer section. Not much to say on this one, Hitachino Nest have been pretty good so fr if nothing exception. I’m not unbiased on Japan or Brewdog. Sweet stouts rarely seem to have a real breakthough beer in their ranks but tend to be enjoyable.